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The answers to the parliament questions Rajya Sabha Provisionally Admitted Question Starred / Unstarred Diary No. S1376, S5145, U3991 from CSIR-NML are as follows:

S.No Question Answer By CSIR - NML
Lack of trainers
a) whether the country is facing shortage of skilled trainers to provide training to the candidates under various schemes of skill development CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory offers training on Research and Development in the area of Metals, Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials. There is no shortage of trainers on R&D in the area at CSIR-NML. However, for training related to industrial skills, collaboration with industries is required
b) if so, what steps has Government taken to increase the number of trainers and the details thereof? NIL by CSIR-NML
Career Guidance Camps
a) whether 'Career Guidance Camps' are conducted under the Skill Development Scheme No Career Guidance Camp has been organized
b) if so, the number of such camps conducted across the country during the last five years NIL by CSIR-NML
c) the number of such camps conducted in the State of Uttar Pradesh, the details thereof NIL by CSIR-NML
Socio Economic Impact assessment of skill development schemes
a) whether Government has conducted any Socio Economic Impact assessment of skill development schemes running in the country NIL by CSIR-NML
b) if so, the details thereof NIL by CSIR-NML
c) whether Government has roped in the private sector to increase skill development capacity in the country and if so, the details thereof, including the kind and number of companies involved under such a scheme Corporate and professional trainings supported by the industries for re-training their human resources has been organized by CSIR NML. Few of the organizations are, Tata Steel, JSW, CIPET, MM Casting, Ordinance Factory Jabalpur, DMSRDE, DRDO Kanpur, etc.
d) the targets fixed and achieved in last 5 years for training under skill development program, State-wise including Haryana CSIR-NML Data
Year Target Achieved
2017 - 2018 350 307
2018 - 2019 429 377
2019 - 2020 830 695
2020 - 2021 795 595
2021 - 2022 1045 1109
e) if so, the details thereof, State-wise and the number of Ministries/Departments in the country involved in the skill development programmes? Nil by CSIR-NML

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