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Obituary (2021 onwards)

S.No Name DOB Designation DOJ in CSIR/NML Date of Joining in Retirement Division Scale
957 Late Chandra Sekher Singh MTS 11-Aug-86 F&A
880 Late Dileshwar Behra 11-May-64 Lab. Asst. 28-Sep-84 15-Jun-21 AAC Level=5, Cell=16
1538 Late Jay Narayan Patel 14-Jul-81 Sr. T.O.(1) 06-Nov-08 18-May-21 AAC Level=10, Cell=4
1189 Late Dr. Ramesh Kumar Ram 29-Dec-64 Sr. M.O. 26-Aug-91 30-Apr-21 MED Level=13, Cell=18
1108 Late Motilal Mukhi 04-May-64 MTS 01-Aug-89 20-Feb-21 JTSU Level=4, Cell=14
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